Package Sewage treatment Plant:

Factory Fabrication :
The Viridis is of stainless steel (SS) factory fabricated skid mounted / containerized units.
Latest State -of- the Art Technology:
The latest state of the art aerobic biological treatment technology. (Powered by our eco-friendly product NeoBio)
Easy Operation:
The package STP will operate by itself requiring minimal attention from the plant operator. Timers will be provided in the electric panel, so that equipments in operation such as pumps and air blowers automatically interchange every 4/8 hours.
Easy handling / Transportation:
The package STP has dimensions similar to that of standard containers. It can therefore be easily crane mounted on to a standard truck trailer and then shifted to site / new site as and when required.
Easy Erection / Commissioning:
The factory pre -fabricated package STP can be erected and commissioned at site within no time. It is a plug & operate system
Cost reduction:
As Viridis can be kept anywhere (i.e., car parking, open terrace, underground no space is needed to be allotted. This reduces land cost to a greater extent.

Paramount features

    High standards of treated sewage

    No production of smell

    No noise-silent blowers

    Compact modular design

    Stainless steel - prefabricated

    No corrosion

    No solid waste generation

    No chemicals- eco-friendly

    Can be accommodated anywhere

    Reduced operation and maintenance

    Proven, tested technology

    Affordable cost