Zero Sludge Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plants:

Based on chemical oxidation of effluent, these systems are a boon to the textile, pharma and chemical industries where bio-degradation of effluent is a critical task. These systems treat the effluent efficient enough to give quality required for RO processing. The results are consistent in terms of COD and color removal. All these are at an unbelievably low investment and operation cost. About 95% of water can be recovered from the effluents.
There are several working installations as given in ‘Client List’.
This technology is approved by Pollution Control Board and meets norms prescribed by relevant authorities.
This technology is patented. Moreover, we give a 3 years guarantee under our Operation and Maintenance.

Conventional Effluent Treatment Plants:

We also offer conventional effluent treatment plants with Activated Sludge Process, where it is economical compared to chemical oxidation. Usually when organic load is higher and biodegradable, and when sludge disposal is not an issue, these systems are preferred.

Sewage Treatment Plants:

We offer both conventional and packaged sewage treatment plants (STP). We operate our STPs under extended aeration mode and in combination with fixed biomass, which offers the following benefits.

    Reduced space requirement

    Odor free

    Zero sludge

    Minimal noise

    Cost effective

Reverse Osmosis Plants:

We specialize in providing ‘Reverse Osmosis’ systems for wastewater applications. Few of the unique features include.

    ~ 98% recovery

    Handles silica up to 40 ppm (conventional system can handle only up to 200 ppm)

    COD up to 200 mg/l can be directly fed into RO

    Better anti-fouling properties

    Silica removal up to 100 ppm, COD - 500 ppm

Industrial Water Treatment Systems:

We manufacture most of the components used in water treatment and are in a position to supply water treatment systems. Based on the quality of the inlet water, a combination of softening, de-mineralizing and ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis system can be offered.