Key Features

    Started in 1994

    Promoted by technocrats

    Original equipment manufacturers

    Highly reputed in offering

    Zero Sludge technology

    Air pollution Control Equipments

Welcome to East India Equipments Pvt Ltd

At East India Equipments we offer comprehensive and sustainable solutions for waste-water management. It has been promoted by elite and parsimonious technocrats convincing to cater thinking-out-of-box solutions and breakthrough technologies.
Expert in water, waste-water, gaseous effluent treatment and solid waste management for over a decade, we offer wide-ranging solutions for all categories of industries. We take end-to-end responsibility by blending process technology, design engineering and project management capability. Our responsibility extends to – planning, designing, integrating, establishing, operating and maintaining the treatment systems to comply with the norms prescribed and the conditions stipulated by the regulatory authorities.
We study every industrial process to ascertain pollutant load at source so as to choose the right customized solution. Local regulations, treatment efficacy, possible investment are few of the factors that we consider before designing the system. As an organization committed to corporate and social responsibility on environment, we are inclined to provide a spectrum of water, air and solid waste treatment solutions for each other’s betterment.