EIA Studies – Environmental Impact Assessment :

Team EIE has experts to carryout Environmental Impact Assessment study and its technical documentation in line with World Bank projects.
Usually, we take up such assignments for new projects and also offer technical consultancy for obtaining approval from the relevant statutory authorities. This is most of the time included as a package when we supply pollution control equipment.
As a matter of fact all our customers, established EIE systems and operating the same, have got the approval of regulatory authorities and Team EIE renders all professional assistance in getting such approvals and clearances.

EMP – Environmental Management Plans:

East India Equipments is completely equipped with trained environmental engineers and scientists to take up Environmental Management Plans. To address the environmental and social challenges Team EIE's experts gives picture of stage wise environmental issues, monitoring , mitigation measures.

Environmental Audits

Team EIE conduct environmental audits which ensure the following parameters to assist in maintaining and complying with statutory norms and procedures stipulated for an industry.

    Legal compliance including applicability of any new legislation.

    Updating of new environmental technical aspects.

    Quantification of cost for pollution control / waste management.

    Real pay back of environmental projects.

    Soundness of implemented environmental management system.

    Checking genuineness environmental parameters as reported in internal and external reports.

    For submitting report to SPCBs (Form V).

    Audit on waste generation and disposal.

With a well-experienced team of experts, Team EIE carry out audits, customized to the client’s requirement.

Consultancy for ISO 14001 certification:

The team EIE has over 12 years experience in the environmental management. The team has got lead auditors for Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001 specifications and well equipped trainers for the same. We have successfully implemented ISO 14001 in several successful corporate houses in India.

Advisory Role in complying with Environmental laws

Team EIE excels in assisting various industries to get consent from Pollution Control Board, as per provisions of Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981.

Environmental Clearances (EC)

    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report .

    Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Reports (for industries listed in Schedule I of the EIA notification).

    Water & materials balance.

    Proposed Pollution Control measures for water, air and solid and hazardous wastes.

    Detailed Layout map.

Consent for Establishment (CFE) - New industries as well as expansion by existing units.
Consent for Operation (CFO) - New industries as well as expansion by existing units.
Legal assistance in all environmental issues
Renewal of consent