Reengineering and revamping of Effluent Treatment Plants

With time, there is a lot of development in the area of environmental technology. There is also change in environmental legislation. Therefore, changes in effluent treatment schemes have become inevitable in several cases. Moreover, with advancement of technology, it is possible to reduce the treatment cost and improve performance. Changes in legislation sometimes require changes in treatment schemes due to priority changes.
For example, with introduction of stringent Hazardous Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, industries prefer a technology that generates less or no sludge during the process of effluent treatment. Hence, conventional biological systems are being modified to generate less sludge.

Troubleshooting Reverse Osmosis Systems

This is an area where expertise is very rare in India. We are proud to mention that most of our client base today is due to Team EIE technical ability to troubleshoot. Team EIE is confident of attending to any sort of operational problems in RO plants for wastewater treatment.
This is also evident from the fact that we supply systems where feed characteristics are very challenging and technically competitive. Our Systems work with TDS as high TDS and silica as high as 40 mg/l.